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Parental Satisfaction with the Transition into School

The transition into school is a big step for both children and their parents and carers.


We aim to make starting school a positive and stress free experience for all concerned, and we valued the feedback from parents of our first reception cohort about how we managed the transition.


Feedback from parents indicates high levels of parental satisfaction with the process:


  • 92% agreed that their child spent enough time visiting St James and their teachers before the summer holidays.
  • 100% agreed that their child was keen / confident about starting at St James.
  • 100% agreed that they received enough information about routines and expectations of the school.
  • 100% agreed that their child had settled well at the end of reception.
  • 92% agreed that they knew who to talk to if their child was upset or facing difficulties in reception.
  • 100% agreed that there are enough opportunities to talk to the class teacher if the need to


Whilst this is very positive feedback, we are always open to suggestions about how we could improve the transition process and will continue to strive to achieve 100% satisfaction across all areas.