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Phonics Morning a Great Success!

Last week, we welcomed parents and carers into school to observe how phonics is taught. Mrs MacDonald and the children demonstrated phonics and parents were able to take part in activities following the lesson. We were delighted to receive lots of positive feedback about the event - which was held in response to a request via our Parent Forum. 


Comments included:

“Very well organised. Kept the children very engaged. Very fun! Best way the children learn through fun. Well done – keep up the good work!"

“The children were so confident when sounding out. It was great to see them all so happy in their learning. Well done Mrs MacDonald. It was very helpful for me to see how phonics should be done!”

“A really helpful and informative session. Great to see all the different ways the children learn about phonics.”

“Thank you so much. It was great to see how well they are all doing and how they learn their letters and words”.

Very good – I now realise some of the phonics my child is trying to say to me. Also picked up on some techniques to take away and use”.


Thank you to all those who came. We will continue to hold sessions for parents as the children's learning develops.