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Butterflies Class 2018/19

Butterflies Class (2018-19) is taught by Mrs MacDonald and is supported by Mrs Enderson.  Please see below for a range of activities that our Butterflies class have taken part in over 2018-19.

Photo: Butter Butterflies


Our first reception class is called Butterflies, and is home to our class mascot 'Butters'. Children met Butters during home visits and he will accompany us on lots of adventures throughout the year.

Our classroom is in the Great Links Tor Building in the grounds of Okehampton Primary School. It's a lovely setting and we'll be based here until our brand new building is ready for occupation in early 2019.


Photo: St James Classroom

We have enjoyed settling into our new school.

We love to learn outdoors!
There's always so much to discover.
We collected natural objects.
We turned them into Autumn colour pallets.
In Butterflies Class we like to imagine.
Our first lunch was a teddy bear's picnic!
We enjoy exploring a range of books.
We've been playing games to get to know each other
We collected a variety of sticks in the woodland.
Later we ordered our sticks by size.

Gruffalo Crumble!

We enjoyed reading the story of the Gruffalo.
We decided we would like to make our own crumble!
We picked apples from the trees.
Then we found blackberries in our bushes.
We used tools to chop our apples.
We had to use our knives safely.
We were very good at following instructions.
We love to get our hands messy!
We were so proud to take our crumbles home.

National Talk like a Pirate Day

We set off with our treasure maps that we made.
We searched for clues.
Our Pirate Crew!
We found a chest with a clue inside.
We discovered that the treasure was in fact apples

Harvest Festival

We sorted our donations into hampers.
We were very proud of our donations for the church

Worm Charming

We had a go at worm charming.
We wanted to attract worms from the ground.
We talked about using vibrations.
We tried stamping.
Then we used forks and a bell.
We even tried tapping with wood!
The children were very inventive!
We all had to work as a team.
We enjoyed making observations of the worms.

Waitrose Visit for World Food Day

We enjoyed listening to the story Handa's Surprise
During the story we paused to taste the fruits
We especially enjoyed tasting guava juice
The orange slices were very big!
We enjoyed exploring new textures and tastes
We had lots of questions
The avocado was very smooth
Mrs Stevens shared our food tasting experience
We later cut open a variety of fruits
We used magnifying glasses to make observations
We recorded our findings on our clipboards


We made rice pictures.
First we stained the rice.
We enjoyed painting a friend.
Our paintings looked like henna.
We made rangoli patterns using icing.
We were very pleased with our Diwali biscuits!

Our First Car Wash

We were very excited to hold our first car wash.
All the children helped.
We were very lucky to have so many parent helpers.

Anti-bullying Week 2018

We designed stones with anti-bullying messages.
We walked around the school to find hiding places.
We each left a stone for someone to find.
We wanted to spread the message to others.

When the vet came to visit

We enjoyed our visit from Kathy.
She taught us all about how to care for animals.
We enjoyed trying on the protective clothing.
We used the clothing and bandages in our role-play

Children in Need

We enjoyed raising money for Children in Need.
We used our copper coins to decorate Pudsey.

Remembrance Day 2018

We learned all about why we mark Remembrance Day.

Our Christingle Service

Our visit from our local firefighter

We learned about the importance of fire alarms.
We really enjoyed wearing the firefighter uniform.
We learned about the safety clothing.

Lyndridge Care Home - Carol Singing in the Community

We sang Christmas carols to the residents.
We enjoyed our visit and look forward to returning

Christmas Jumper Day - Save the Children

Our Nativity Performance

Performance for Okehampton Primary School  Nursery
We enjoyed performing at All Saints Church.
We enjoyed learning all about the Nativity story.

Our Christmas Dinner

We worked together to set the table.
We enjoyed decorating the tables.

Our Christmas Performance from Entertainingly Different

We enjoyed hearing traditional tales.
We joined in with Little Red Riding Hood.
We were surprised by the snow!
We all joined in with the singing and dancing.

Reflecting on a very busy Autumn Term!

We enjoy looking back at all of our learning.

Chinese New Year

We used a variety of tools to transport our noodle
We used chopsticks.
We had to persevere!
We enjoyed writing numbers and letters in Chinese.
The whole class worked together to make a lion.
We took part in our own Chinese Lion Dance.
We tried prawn crackers.

Learning about our local area.

We looked closely at local landmarks.
We enjoyed talking about our personal experiences.
We wrote about the places that we have been before

National Bird Watch 2019

The children took part in National Bird Watch.
They recorded the various birds that they spotted.
We enjoyed decorating bird feeders.
We look forward to taking them to our new school.

Our very own rocket launch!

The children have enjoyed learning about space.
We designed rockets.
Reverend Stephen Cook kindly demonstrated a launch
We talked all about pressure and gravity.
Our rocket flew!
We enjoyed learning about the solar system.

Flower Pressing

One member of the class brought in a flower press.
We all worked together to gather beautiful flowers
We made lots of comparrisons.
We picked petals from a variety of flowers.
We found out that they were very delicate!
We pressed our flowers and await the result.

Shopping on Shrove Tuesday

We took our shopping lists to Lidl.
We read each ingredient off of our list.
We all worked as a team.
We took turns to find the ingredients.
We got a receipt when we paid for our shopping.
Then we headed back to school to make our pancakes

Cooking Pancakes

We measured out our ingredients.
We chopped strawberries for our toppings.
We enjoyed creating our own pancake toppings.
Our pancakes were delicious!
We all enjoyed taking part today.

Our visit from Mike Davies, the Mayor of West Devon

We had fun meeting the Mayor today.
The children enjoyed asking questions.
We were allowed to try on the Mayor's special hat!
We saw the flag that is used on the car.
We thoroughly enjoyed our visit.

The Great Pancake Race

We were pleased to invite the Mayor to our race.
We tossed pancakes.
It was great fun.
We had to concentrate!
Mrs Stevens and the Mayor took part too!

World Book Day 2019

We all shared our favourite books.
All the staff enjoyed taking part.
We had fun reading with Entertainingly Different.
We enjoyed our reading workshop with Rob.
Our stories were very interactive!

Building a Bug Hotel for our Local Community

We enjoyed our visit to All Saints Church.
First we worked together to make holes for bugs.
We rolled card to create spirals.
We had to support each other.
We added a layer of straw for hedgehogs.
We helped David to care for newly planted trees.
We put down matting to prevent weeds.
We all helped to hammer in the pegs.
We are very good at using tools safely.
We were proud of our Bug Hotels.

An Afternoon with Nature Make

We had an exciting afternoon with Nature Make!
We had to follow instructions.
There were so many natural objects to choose from!
We built fairy houses.
Each house was unique.
There were so many beautiful flowers.
We were proud of our houses.
We will be taking them up to the new school.

A Trip to the Museum of Dartmoor Life

We looked at the Roman ruins found on our site!
We enjoyed learning about the Romans.
There were old toys to explore.
We enjoyed making comparisons to our own toys.
We got to dig for artifacts.
We tried weaving.
We also enjoyed making our own mosaic pictures.

We Have Moved into Our New School!

We are all very excited to have moved in this week
The press came to celebrate with us.
We made a time capsule to mark the occasion.
The children wrote prayers for their school.
It has been exciting to learn in our new classroom
We have enjoyed settling in.
We have lots of new resources to explore.

National Bike Week 2019

We practiced road safety.
We had great fun celebrating National Bike Week!