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Butterfly Activities

  • Go on a coin hunt and collect together all of the loose coins that you can see in your house.  Can you sort them into different types and learn how much they are worth?  Can you make a shop with your toys and practise buying things with the coins?  How much do they cost?  Do you need any change?


  • Go on a technology hunt in your house.  Can you find all of the things that need to be plugged in or turned on to work.  Can you write or draw the things that you find in your purple book.


  • Choose a recipe and help a grown up to bake it.  See if you can be in charge of the measuring.  Can you read the recipe book and measure the ingredients correctly?


  • Ask a grown up to show you how to make a paper aeroplane or use Youtube to help.  Test them out outside in your garden.  Can you measure the distance with a tape measure?  Which one goes the furthest?  


  • Junk modelling - Go on a hunt for used boxes, tubes and pots.  Can you make an amazing model with them?  Take a picture and add it to your purple book.


  • Choose an animal that you love.  Use the internet and books to find out facts about the animal.  Find out whether it comes from an egg, how it grows, what it eats, where it lives, how big it is, what is needs to be healthy, etc.  Choose how you record what you find out.  Could you make a poster, a booklet, a video or a model.


  • Write an email to your teacher to tell them what you have been doing.  Maybe you could even send a photo.  Your teacher might even write back! (All emails to be sent to and Ms Cowling will forward them on!)


  • Make an obstacle course outside like Ninja Warrior.  What can you use to travel over, under and through?  Time yourself to complete the challenge using a grown up's phone.  Can you improve your time?


  • Can you build a den?  Use sheets and pegs to make the most awesome den.  Once you have finished, can you take a photo of it and stick it in your purple book.  Can you make a sign to tell people the rules for your new den?


  • Go on and old photo hunt in your house.  Get your family to get out their old photos and talk about them to you.  How have people changed?  What was different when your family were younger?  and what about your Grandparents?  Can you record your findings in your purple book.


  • Go for a walk and notice signs of Spring.  Can you find buds on trees, flowers growing, baby animals?  Take photos or draw pictures of what you find.


  • Draw, paint or make a model of a spring flower.