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Foxes Class 2020-21

Foxes Class is led by Miss Tooms and she is supported by Mrs Lethbridge over the week.  Please see below a range of photographs of Foxes Class learning adventures in 2020 - 2021.

Welcome to Foxes Class! 

Term 1


We've have had a great start to the term so far. We were surprised to find that when we first started here, the classroom had turned into a magical forest! There were sticks, acorns, pine cones, conkers and leaves scattered on the floor and the light had turned green!! This helped us to really set the scene for our first book 'The Enchanted Wood' by Enid Blyton. 


Here are some of the items we found and the descriptions we wrote for them, using lots and lots of adjectives! 


We are enjoying learning about our story in all areas of the curriculum. In maths, we learnt about lines of symmetry and decorated leaves for our reflection tree. 
We just read the part of the story where one of the characters, Beth, gets water poured on her! We all made predictions about how much water the angry pixie needed to have 'soaked her', but this would depend on what size she was!! We even wondered how much water would be needed if she was Miss Tooms' size! We put it to the test.... 

In science this term, we've been looking at microhabitats and different types of animals/insects. This week we began a project to design and make our own Bug Hotel! We've had an excellent, fun-filled week and today we were able to finish it!! It was an excellent team effort - great work everyone!!! Of course, our favourite part was taking a smiley vs silly photo at the end! 


   Term 2


We have enjoyed learning about Remembrance Day this week and what it means for us today. We created poppies to put in our outdoor area and did some excellent writing titled 'We Remember because...'.