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Friday 15th January



Watch the video of the book reading to page 20 or watch the YouTube video below to page 20 only.


Imagine, you’re hearing about this on the news. So many people going out and standing up for what they think is right – to put a stop to taking down the forests, to take care of our animals and to look after other habitats around us.


You go to the shop and see it in the newspaper too!! A big picture in the middle of the page and a title saying….


What? What would the title be for such a big thing?


Can you write a newspaper article for the demonstration that Greta, her friends and other people are doing?


Remember to think about:
- who is there?
- where are they?
- what are they doing? What are their signs saying?
- how are they feeling?
- why are they doing it?


This is an excellent piece of writing for you to think about conjunctions (and, but, so, or, because, when, if, that), adjectives (the group stood in the large, leafy forest / the people were feeling brave, angry and determined), exclamation and question marks!