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Friday 5th February

Children’s Mental Health Week:


As it’s Children’s Mental Health Week this week, we are going to take a step back from Greta and think about ourselves and who we are. This week there will be a different writing activity for your child to do which allows them to use their imaginations, be innovative with their ideas and explore who they are a little bit more.


Day 5:

Write your own story. It could be a mystery story, a scary story, a funny story, a real story about something that happened to your recently. It could be a magical story about if you found a magic lamp or something in the woods or the park.


Who is their main character going to be? Who are they going to meet? How do they meet them? What's going to happen? How is their story going to end? 


Talk them through a story structure; the beginning, a build up & problem, and the solution. 


Split a piece of A4 paper into quarters (or more if you'd like to) and ask the children to draw picture to show what happens in each part of their story. We've done this before in class before Christmas so the children should be familiar with what to do. 


You could then fold some A4 paper in half to make a book or you could write it as a story board with caption underneath their pictures.