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Hedgehogs Class 2019/20

Hedgehogs Class (2019-20) is taught by Miss Kemish and is supported by Miss Gilbert, our Schools Direct Trainee Teacher.  Please see below for a range of activities that Hedgehogs Class have taken part in in 2019-20.
We caught so many evil peas!
Supertato sent us another letter thanking us for catching so many evil peas in our DT traps. He brought us pots, soil, and lollysticks, and suggested trying to get rid of the peas by planting them. We wrote instructions to help Miss Kemish learn how to plant these Evil peas.

Happy World Book Day!

Capacity and Volume
We learned about capacity and volume, and explored out knowledge using different sized containers and sand. We used words such as 'full', 'half full', 'nearly full', 'nearly empty', and 'empty'.
Warburtons Visit
Warburtons visited us and taught us how bread was made. We were then tasked with making a healthy sandwich, using veggies in all the colours of the rainbow. Thank you for visiting, Warburtons.

Supertato to the Rescue!

Protest for Equality
We learned about Rosa Parks, and the impact her actions had in highlighting racial inequality, and segregation. We spoke about other forms of segregation, and how everyone is different, and that these differences are to be celebrated. We decided to have a protest to spread this important message: to make sure everyone knew that being different is okay, and that everyone is equal. 

We read our new book in the Library

We chose some new books for our library!

There's a pea on the loose! We found clues that led us to our new story for the term.

We went searching for deciduous leaves. It's February and we can't find any! Why not? What's the difference between deciduous and evergreen leaves?

Can you find the United Kingdom on a map? Can you name the different countries in the United Kingdom?

We found 2D objects in our environment!

Children in Need

Hedgehogs went searching for clues to figure out what new story we would be reading.

We made nature crowns to celebrate being kings of 'Where the Wild Things Are'. Let the wild rumpus start!

We have been setting up our own animal rescue centre to help us learn about the different identifying features of different animals.

Thank you to the parents who helped us get to and from the Multi skills event! Hedgehogs really enjoyed learning new skills.

We found a Bog Baby! What natural materials could we use to make this Bog Baby a home?

Making music