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Home Learning Spring Term 2021

5th January 2021


Activities for today are:


  • Send me a video on class dojo showing and telling me all about it.

Maths activity

The Gingerbread Man Game - Counting, Matching and Ordering game (


Todays activities are:


  • Explore ice, using any ice cube trays or an old tub that you may find around the house.  You could put some blue food colouring to make it more wintery and if you have any arctic animals or anything else you may think of put them in too and see if they are able to break the object free from the ice, talk to them and ask questions about how the ice melts.


  • What’s inside the bag? (game): fill a bag with any objects you can find such as animals. Ask your child if they can feel the toys inside? Can they name the animal or make the correct noise? You can describe the animals and see if they can guess.



  • Being able to express and talk about our feeling is so important, especially at this moment in time. Take a look at our feeling scale and ask your child to point at how they are feeling today, can they talk about how they feel? Here is the link for the chart: download.cfm (



Today’s activities are:



  • You could also try having a go at building a car track with any old cardboard boxes or tubes you may have.
  • We have been focusing on the number '1' and what this means - 1 finger, 1 pencil, 1 person and how to write number 1 or have a go at making 1 mark (1 dot, 1 star etc. Below is a link all about number 1.

Numberblocks - The Number One | Learn to Count - YouTube



Today’s activities are:


I’m a Great Big Snowman

(To the tune of ‘I’m a little teapot short and stout’).


I’m a great big snowman,

Tall and fat,

Here’s my tummy,

Here’s my hat.

Buttons for my eyes,

And a carrot nose,

I’m all snow from head to toe!


  • Role play is so important for all children in their development, you could set up a teddy bear picnic. Pour the bears are drink, how many cups will you need? How do they bears feel, are they happy or sad? Give the bears some food to eat.


Don’t forget to send in any photos of what you have made or games you have been playing! The Nursery Team really look forward to seeing what you have been up to at home.

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