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Our Intent for Phonics at St James

Our Intent for Reading at St James

At St James, we teach phonics through Read Write Inc. (RWI) which is a systematic synthetic phonics teaching programme. We believe that every child has the right to be successful and fluent readers and writers and that Phonics and Early Reading is the door to access lifelong learning. 


Please see below a copy of our Phonics Implementation Policy and the videos below for further details of how Phonics is taught. 


Phonics is taught from the first day that pupils enter our school. In Nursery we get our youngest children 'Read Write Inc. Ready', so that they are ready for their RWI Phonics learning from day one of Reception class. The children in Reception and Year One are taught daily Read Write Inc. Phonics lessons before completing their Phonics Screening Check at the end of Year One. Where children need further consolidation of phonics learning to ensure fluency, they are given the opportunity through a daily phonics learning session.

Information for Parents:


These videos will help you to support your child in their Read Write Inc. phonics learning at home: 


  • How to say the sounds: click here
  • Using Fred Talk and Fred Fingers to segment and blend words: click here
  • Our Reading at Home handbook has lots of helpful information: 

Letter Formation Rhymes

Virtual Library

To promote our love of reading at St James we have created our very own Virtual Library! We'd love for you to use this to promote your love of reading at home too -  simply click on the book cover picture to enjoy a story! 


MyOn is a system that St James Primary and Nursery School uses to encourage and monitor reading at home. It is an interactive platform that uses children's reading levels to provide books that are accessible and enjoyable for them to read. We also use this system at school to encourage independent reading. This helps to keep children's reading consistent and familiar at home and at school, supporting them to develop their love and passion for reading.


Please see the video that explains how MyOn is used and a link of how to access it: 

Reading for Pleasure: Take a look at our wonderful Libraries where children and families can share and borrow books, growing their love of reading.