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Oxford Owl is a good source of reading books.  There aren't lots of books so I would use them carefully.  Order the books by phase starting with Phase 2.  Work through them even if they are easy for your child.  Your child will feel confident if they are able to achieve the task easily. There is still lots to talk about together with each story too. As you read the books go through the phonic sounds you find (use the phase mats below to help you).  Can children now use the sounds to write sentences?  The sentences could be anything - make a diary, instructions for making lunch, rules, lists.  There are also games and advice that come with each book.

Jolly Phonics Sound and Action Mats

Jolly Phonics Sound and Action Mats 1
Jolly Phonics Sound and Action Mats 2

Here are 2 sound mats with all the sounds we practise daily in class. Repetition is important for your child's memory to continue to hold these sounds in their head. Please get them to say these sounds out loud - they should be able to show you an action to go with the sound. 


If your child is after an active way to practise these sounds, you could write the ones they find tricky with chalk outside, or on different pieces of scrap paper. Once these are spread around the floor, say one of the sounds and your child can run to that sound and jump on it, saying it themselves.


There are also Jolly Phonics Sound Mats to help you with the actions for different sounds.



If you are isolating, one of the best things you can do is practise phonics with your child. Below of some details about how to do this for free online!