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Phonics activities 


Monday 11th Jan

a-e practice sheet

Tuesday 12th Jan - a-e sound


Practice reading a-e words. This is a great game to help with that. Follow the link. Click start – phase 5 – then select the a-e sound. Children read the word and select treasure if it is real and bin if it isn’t.

If you don’t want to use the screen you could write out some words and ask children to sort them that way.


Wednesday 13th Jan 


Learn split i-e

Write split i-e words learnt onto strips of paper and make a paperchain snake (picture sent separately).


Snake activity

Thurs 14th Jan 

Recap i-e sound (play Mr Thorne video again if you would like to).

Ask the children to write some i-e words onto pieces of paper (about 6 or 7) . Then hide them around the house/room/garden for the children to find and if they read them correctly they keep the word if it is incorrect the adult gets the word. The winner is the one with the most words!



Friday 15th Jan - tricky word spelling day


Look say cover write check

Look, say, cover, write, check is a method of learning spelling, where children:
• Study a word – look for any tricky bits
• Say it aloud a few times
• Cover it up with a piece of paper or their hand
• Write the spelling next to the original word
• Check their version to see if they got it right.

Monday 18th Jan - revisit activities

This game is good for gong over known sounds

Choose i-e or a-e sentences to read from here.


Tuesday 19th Jan

Phonics – learn split o-e

After the video maybe hide some o-e words around the house to find and practise reading.


Wed 20th Jan -Recap split o-e sound again
Write out the sentences ... I am at home. I fell in a hole.
Ask the children to read them by sounding out if needed.
Read and write o-e words on the sheet to match to the pictures.


Friday 22nd Jan 

Recap the e-e sound from yesterday. Write out some e-e words for the children to read.

Verbally give them some e-e words to segment and write down. If you want a diversion from pen and paper feel free to find some creative ways to write them down! e.g. in a plate of sugar or flour, shaving foam, mud, paint. I look forward to seeing the pics!


Mon 25th Jan 

Sentence dictation activity. Read the attached sentences and ask your child to write them down. I usually say the sentence and then get the children to repeat it back to me. They then keep saying it as they write it down. I encourage them to remember finger spaces between words, Capital letter at the start and full stop at the end.

Tues 26th Jan - phonics teach u-e

Learn split u-e
Give children real and made up u-e words to read and sort

Which of these words can your child sight read? 'Tricky words' or 'High frequency words' that you can't sound out.

Wed 27th Jan - read u-e words


Race to the top game. Roll the dice (or pic a number if you have no dice). Read the word by that number. Tick or colour the word if correct. Roll dice again and read the word. Continue until you reach the top of one of the lines.

Ask the children to write some u-e words if time.

Thursday 28th Jan

Tricky word spelling practise.

Fri 29th Jan

Phonics – wh

Roll and read

Choose one or two wh words and write them in a sentence.


Monday 1st Feb

Recap wh
Play quick write – Give children a wh word and see how many times they can write it in a minute. Can they write more than you?! Repeat a few times with different wh words.


Tues 2nd Feb

Learn ph
Read the ph words and find them in the word search

Thurs 4th Feb 

Learn ew sound (bit of a tricky one)

Mon 8th Feb

ew words sentences 
Complete the word search for ew words

Tues 9th Feb

Practising spelling tricky words
Lists – 100 common words – list one


Wed 10th Feb

Chose an ew word then roll the dice (or pick a number card if you dont have a dice) to see how you can practice writing it in different ways.

chew grew blew screw few drew crew new

Thurs 11th Feb

Recap igh sound using Mr Thorne
Use the sheet to help practise reading and writing igh words.

Mon 22nd Feb - Recap oa sound

Use the letters from each group on the attached sheet to make oa words.

Tues 23rd Feb

Recap oa sound from yesterday by reading the real and alien words.
Select phase 3 and then the oa sound


Wed 24th Feb

Recap ar sound already learnt
Use the roll and read to read the words and then cover and write the word too.


Thurs 25th Feb

Recap ar sound from yesterday

Read and write ar words on the sheet


Fri 26th Feb

Learn ear trigraph (3 letters making one sound)


Tues 2nd March 

Learn air trigraph