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Thursday 25th February

Recap what the children have learned this week about the Windward Islands and what they grow, especially bananas.


Watch video input


Look more closely at the next couple of pages.


Today we are focusing again on our choice of language when talking and discussing certain things.


Ask your child:
- what is the same about Bertha & Billy’s school and yours?

  • What is different about  Bertha & Billy’s school and yours?
  • Would you like to visit their school – why?
  • Would you like to show them our school? Why?
  • If you visited their school, what questions would you like to ask?


Rehearse / mind-map your answers and discuss their answers, leading to as much depth and consideration as they can. When mind-mapping; point out any suffixes you use (-er / -est)


Again, record their presentation with answers to the above questions. Encourage them to use the sentence stems:
- I have noticed that…. whereas….

- At my school there are…. However…..

- To learn more, I want to ask….

- I can see that…… is different to….

- I can see that ….. is the same as…..


I can see that… is similar to….