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Thursday 7th January

Look at the front cover (and only the front cover) of the story ‘Greta and the Giants’ by Zoe Tucker.

Please don’t read the story.


Who might Greta be? How do you know? Who are the other children with her?
Where is she? Why is she in a forest? Who are the giants? Why are they in the shadows? Where have they come from? What does Greta’s sign say? What do you think that ‘climate’ means? Why is she holding up a sign?


These are some prompt questions that you could ask your child about the story. Support and build on their answers. Prediction is a key skill to use the pictures and information given to us to relate to a story. You may want to explore what the word ‘climate’ means with your child.


Make a story board (draw a grid of 2 by 4 or 2 by 5) on a piece of paper or use the template provided. The top line of rectangles is going to be for some pictures. The bottom line is going to be for some captions.


Can your child create a story board of what they think will happen in the story.