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Week 1 - Brunel learning 

Refer back to the Brunel picture from Wednesday about who they thought the man was. Tell them he was called Isambard Kingdom Brunel and that we are going to find out why he is famous.

Watch the video to discover who Brunel is.

After the video discuss and ask the children to create a fact page about him.

Week 2 


Monday - watch Charlie and Lola Saving Our Planet. Create a recycling poster to promote recycling.


Wednesday - RE with Mrs Burke

In RE we are going to be learning about Jewish people. To begin we are going to reflect on our own lives. Discuss items in your home that are precious. Which items are meaningful? Why are they important? Discuss why they are precious and matter to you individually or as a family. Talk about remembering what really matters, what ideas you have for making sure that you do not forget things or people, and how people make a special time to remember important events.

Task: Find something that is special to you. Draw a picture of the special item and how it helps you to remember.

Wednesday 13th Jan - ART


Draw with Rob.

Choose any picture from the collection you would like Rob to teach you to draw. I look forward to seeing your creations!



Friday 15th Jan - Brunel

Watch this fact finding clip.

Design a bridge and then have a go at making it. Don’t worry if your design doesn’t work that’s the fun of being an engineer! You could build one outside using things in your garden, lego, things from around the house, straws if you have them. I am excited to see what happens.


Monday 18th Jan - PSHE – Fire safety
Usually this time of year we get a visit from Devon fire and rescue to give children an insight into fire safety. They have created a video instead to support fire safety teaching.




Wed 20th Jan - RE with Mrs Burke 

Use the teaching slides to help them understand items that are important to Jewish people, what the special Jewish book is called and where Jewish people go to worship.

Wed 20th Jan - Art

We had soooooo much fun last week drawing with Rob the children in school requested it again!

Try some different pictures and I can't wait to see them. I will send you mine too!

Thurs 21st Jan - PE


We had fun with the Joe Wicks Spiderman one as a warm up in school!


Friday 22nd Jan - Brunel

Explain how Brunel also designed boats. Explore one of his famous ships The SS Great Britain using this video (In other circumstances we would be actually going to Bristol to see it).

Mon 25th Jan

Head outside and have fun with this scavenger hunt - you don't have to find everything :-)

Also whilst doing that you could collect some items to make an outside crown. Both of these activities will get you a gold star on your curriculum guarantee booklet which we aim to complete before you leave St James in year 6!

If you google outdoor nature crown you can get some nice ideas.


Wed 27th Jan - PSHE

Share the story of The Family book to discover how each family can be different and that's ok.

Talk with your child about who is in your family. Is there a similar family in the book you have just read? On the tree draw the faces of who is in your family and label.



Mon 1st Feb

This week it is Children's Mental Health Week. We will focus each day on a different activity to support your child's mental health.

Watch the clip about feeling happy

Then watch the feeling sad clip

Mon 8th Feb - outdoor learning

Here are some ideas to take learning outside ...

Wed 10th Feb 

RE with Mrs Burke


Look at last week's powerpoint about Shabbat (should be still in class story) and re-watch the family in the Youtube clip.

For 1 hour we are going to pretend that it is Shabbat and set a table together. This is a time to make a table look really nice with your best tableware! We are going to eat Challah bread (recipe attached) if families would like to cook it at home, light candles and think about some of the rules that Jewish people live by.


We will not have electric in class for 1 hour, we will tell stories, play games (non-electric), read and enjoy time together.

There is an activity to make a Star of David too if this is an activity you would like to do. Remember - no work is allowed during Shabbat!

Please join in and send photos of what you have done together. You could even try to write a poem after about what you did for the hour.

Mon 22nd Feb

It is fair trade fortnight so we are going to learn a bit about what that means.
Use the video or the powerpoint to learn about fair trade.

Have a look in the cupboards at home or take a trip to the supermarket and see if you can spot items with the fairtrade logo on. Let us know what you find!

Wed 24th Feb - RE with Mrs Burke

Learning about Hanukah -see powerpoint

Mrs Burke's challenging home learning activity!

Tues 2nd March - PE

There are some great fun activities on here to choose from