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Tuesday 12th January

Watch the video of the book reading to page 10 or watch the YouTube video below to page 10 only. The page finishes with ‘then Greta had an idea’


Talk to the children about the similarities and differences between the forest/woods and the city:




- plenty of wildlife
- plenty of plant life
- less noise
- shade comes from leaves


- lots of cars / transport
- lots of houses
- shade comes from tall buildings


- could have rivers running through them
- have trees


After talking about their ideas ( there might be more than there is above, they are just examples if you need a starting point) the children can create their own Venn Diagram to show these similarities and differences. Think of different adjectives that could be used to

describe each type of area and the physical (natural) / human (man-made) features that you can find in each place too.


We have used Venn Diagrams before so children should be familiar with them. There is a template below, if you need one.