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Tuesday 19th January

Recap what we’ve learnt about this story so far.

What’s happened?
Who are the characters?
How were they feeling?


Watch video input with Miss Tooms


Do you think Greta’s right? Is she doing the right thing? Why do you think that?


Take a look at the pictures of other poster from people who have done a similar thing to Greta.


Note how they are from different countries and cultures, they are different ages – lots of people coming together with the same message about chopping down trees (children could annotate each picture with things they've spotted / read / noticed).


What do you notice about the posters? Which one is your favourite? Which one stands out to you the most? Why?

Children to make their own posters to show others what they think about deforestation. Remember about bright colours, big pictures, key words.


Send in a photo of your child with their poster to put up around the school.