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Tuesday 26th January

Discuss any famous people that they know. Who do they look up to? Who have they heard of? What are they famous for? YouTube? Music? Sport? Books? Art? TV? Etc.  

Create a mind-map for books.  


Ask the children what dreams and wishes they have for the future? What do they want to do? Do they want to make a difference in any way? What is important to them?  


Create a mind map of their responses


Show them a photo of Greta Thunberg, do they recognise her? How do we know about her already? What has she been doing? (Do not do any extra research or tell your child more about her. This is just to illicit what they already know from the story / the news etc. - if they don't have much knowledge of her, that's okay. We are researching more this week)


Watch video input to hear a reading about Greta.


Can the children listen to reading & make some notes of the key things that they heard.


When we have done note-taking activities before, the children have struggled. You may need to watch & pause the video quite a lot to help them pick out key bits of information.