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Wednesday 13th January

Start your home learning lesson by listening to the Days of the Week song again.


We also need to know the months of the year to help us with time. We wouldn’t know our birthdays, when we start school, when we go on holiday or when we see our family if we didn’t have months.


Listen to the months of the year song:


Children create a Months of the Year Wheel.


They can write the name of each month in each segment and draw pictures at the top of each segment related to the seasons. Or perhaps, there are family birthdays / events that take place which you could draw instead.


January – Snowflake / cold weather

February – Heart (Valentines Day)

March – Daffodil (Spring)

April – Rain (April Showers) / Easter

May – Flowers

June – Sunshine

July – Ice lolly / holiday

August – Beaches / holiday

September – School
October – Autumn
November – Bonfire Night / Remembrance day
December – Christmas


Attach a split pin & arrow (if you have one) and put on display so children can move their arrow each month