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St James CofE Primary and Nursery School

Wednesday 13th January

Watch the video of the book reading to page 10 or watch the YouTube video below to page 10 only.


Recap the similarities and differences between woodland and cities that you did yesterday.


Split you page into 2 halves


Think about Greta in the story and draw a picture of her nice and big in the middle of one half: what questions do you think she’d like to ask the giants?


Write these down around her picture – you may wish to draw thought bubbles around them.


In the second half of your page, draw a picture of the giants. What questions do you think they’d like to ask Greta?
Greta lives in a house doesn’t – why wouldn’t she want more houses to be built for other people? How do you feel that she is a girl trying to stop them?


Remember our 5 W's for asking questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why?



What commands would they give to each other?