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Weekly rainbow activities

Summer 2, Week 6


Write, draw or paint a memory that you have from Year 1 that makes you really happy. It could be making bog baby homes, the nativity, the disco, the protest, playing with friends, learning sotry maps, or anything else you like.

What is one thing you want to do when you are in year 2? Tell your grown up, write it, or draw your ideas.

What is one thing you are proud of achieving this year?  If you can’t think of anything, ask Miss Kemish via dojo as I’ve got millions of reasons why I am proud of every since hedgehog.

Have a go at the wake and shake game linked below. You have run on the spot as fast as you can, and dodge the items as it explains – there are three different levels so be prepared!

Go for a walk and pick some wild flowers. Give them to someone you love.


Summer 2, Week 6 (WC 6.7.2020)

Use any coins you can find, and do some coin rubbing. Put the coin under some paper, and colour over the paper in a crayon or pencil. Can you see what coin you have made?

Play the board game linked below. What time is it, and what is plop the owl doing?

Draw something you are excited about doing when you are in year two. Draw something that you find a bit scary.

Look in a mirror and draw a self portrait. How far down are your eyes? Where are your ears? Can you see your hair? Are your eyes the same or a bit different?

Use red, blue and yellow, black and white paint. With these colours, mix combinations to make orange, green and purple.How can you make these colours lighter? Darker? Fill in the colour wheel to show this.

Summer 2, Week 5 (WB 29.6.2020)


Watch ‘Hair love’ (link below). How did you feel while watching this story? There were hardly any words – could you still tell what was happening? How?

This Friday is rainbow day. It’s about celebrating who you are, and supporting those around you. Check out the power point below, and think about why you are proud to be you.

Look at photos of real money and draw your own. Use this to make your own shop at home!

Challenge: make a bridge to get over a river! Some photos are below to help you.

Make a bug hotel! Look at the photos below for inspiration.


Hair love:

Make your own working bridge inspiration

Bug Hotel Inspiration

Summer 2, Week 4 (WC 22.6.2020)

Watch the video below about food chains. Can you draw your own food chain?

Listen to the story ‘Say something’ and talk about it with your grown up.


What do you think the moral of the story is?

Draw a picture for your new teacher, to share your favourite animal, and colour. Can you write them a sentence telling them what your favourite thing to do in school is?

Make tens and ones with some items in your house – lego, stones etc. draw a tens frame to show what number you have made. Some examples are below.

Have a teddy bears picnic in a park, in your garden, or in your lounge room.


Food chain:



Summer 2, Week 3 (WC 15.6.2020)

Make a bird feeder. This was inspired by some awesome learning by one of our hedgehog friends, please see the photo below!

Write a letter, or make a rainbow to give to a key worker business, like a grocery store, care home or rubbish collection to thank them for soldiering on!

Make a sensory bottle. The butterflies had fun doing this last week, and it’s something that can calm you down when you are feeling fizzy. Examples are below.

Have a go at the twinkl halving game I have linked below. You will need the code below  to long on, which you can do on a phone, tablet or computer.


We learned about Rosa Parks in school a while ago. Have a look at the learning linked below to remind yourself of who she was, and why she is important. What changed due to the protests that happened after Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat.

Halving game (Blue rainbow task):

Rosa Parks learning (Purple Rainbow Task):

Fill an empty water bottle about one-third full with water. Add a few drops of food colouring. Once the food colouring has spread throughout the water, fill the rest of the bottle with baby oil or cooking oil. Add anything you’d like – pom poms, glitter, buttons etc.

Secure the lid with superglue. Your child can put the bottle on its side to see the waves or shake it to see the oil and water separate.

Summer 2, Week 2 (WB 8.6.2020)

Be like Sayeeda and build a cabin below deck to keep your treasure chest in. This could be made of old boxes, or a pillow fort.

Watch the video below of the story ‘It’s okay to be different’.


What is something that makes you different? What do you like about the thing that makes you different?

Make a treasure hunt for your grown up. It can be inside or outside- maybe you can write some clues along the way to lead you to the next clue!

Watch ‘Sulwe’ by Lupita Nyongo (link below). What was your favourite part of this story? 

Listen to 'Ruby's Worry' (linked below) We have read this book in class together a few times. It’s one of Miss Kemish’s favourites. Listen with your grown up. Is there anything worrying you? Who is a safe person you can tell?


It’s okay to be different:


Ruby’s Worry:

Summer 2, Week 1 (WB 1.6.2020)

Put a toy in the sun on a piece of paper and trace around it’s shadow. If you have chalk, you could aldo trace it’s shadow directly onto the ground.

Practise typing on a real key board if you have one: write your name, or a short sentence.

Go on a walk with your grown up and make a daisy chain with the flowers  you find.

Make a video, picture or a story about how to stay safe in the sun.

Make a sun dial: instructions below.


Summer 1, Week 6 (WB 18.5.2020)


 Make a boat (pictures below) and see if it will float in a bathtub, or in a stream.

Go for a walk, or go into the garden. Make yourself some wings like Pippety skycap using nature. (picture below) You will need: cardboard, string or elastic, glue or tape.

Draw something you like about being at home with your grown up at the moment.  Is it Sleeping in? Wearing comfy clothes each day?  Baking? Snacking while learning? Spending time in the garden? Going on walks together?

Do something kind for someone else you live with. This could be: reading to a sibling/grownup, making them a card with the reasons why they are special, making them a gift, going for a long walk with them, or simply making your bed and cleaning your room.

Make an aeroplane (linked to end of Pippety Skywalk module). Fly it, measuring how far it goes. Make 2, and race them with a family member.

Summer 1, Week 5 (WB 11.5.2020)


Have a grown up help you find your home on google maps (turn satellite on) or google earth. Zoom out, and see if you can spot any other local spots: a park you frequent, the school, church or the supermarket you go to.

Use google maps, an atlas, map or globe to spot the United Kingdom. Look at the map below to help you identify where each of the 4  countries that make up the United Kingdom are. Which of these countries do you live in? Have you been to any of the other countries?

Draw a picture of you, and write down or draw three things you really like about yourself.  One of these could be about your appearance, and the others could be about what you are like inside. What makes you special? For a challenge: Do this again, about a grown up at home . What are the things that make them great?

Make a poster to help you when you are feeling ‘blue’. (reference just right learning from last week). Draw pictures of things you can do to get yourself back to green. I’ve attached some photos below for inspiration.

Have a go at sorting the food in your house into two piles to show what is healthy, and what is unhealthy. We all have unhealthy things, and this is okay! These are a great treat.  

Summer 1, Week 4 (WB 4.5.2020)

Make a puppet of Pippety Skycap. You could use a lollystick, sock, paper, or junk modelling. Send Miss Kemish a picture of Pippety up to mischief at your house!

Spring is a time of change. It was sunny, then rainy, and always a bit windy! Can you measure the wind by making a wind chime like one of the examples below?

Miss Kemish has chickens at home that lay eggs for her to eat. She also has milk, but doesn’t have a cow at home. What food do you have at home that came from an animal? Draw all the foods you can find that came from an animal. (Thanks to the farmers that are still working to provide us with essentials!)

Look for signs of spring outside. How do you know it’s spring? What looks different? Make a picture using nature items (example below)

Write a card for a friend. If you do not have their address, or cannot post it, take some photos and I will share them with your friend.

Summer 1, Week 3 WB 27.4.2020

Make a musical instrument with things you can find at home. Below are some examples!

Go on a technology hunt around your house. What can you find in the kitchen? (toaster, fridge) What technology is in the Bathroom (shaver) ? Bedroom (night light, alarm clock)? Garage (car, any tools)? Living room (TV, tablet) ? Below is a sheet where you can draw the technology if you would like. If you would prefer to take photos (using technology in your hand!) this would be great too.

Watch Miss Kemish’s video about ‘just right’. You could print out Miss Kemish’s chart, you could make your own. Use this to show how you are feeling. What can you do to get yourself back to green?

Look at the powerpoint attached below. If you cannot access, this, let Miss Kemish know and she will get it to you another way. What does your family look like? Draw a picture of your family.

With some grown up help, research your family tree. How many years ago did the people live that you can name? What year was that? Research what the world looked like when they were alive.

Here's a slideshow of some instrument ideas you could make at home.

Every Kind of Family powerpoint

Summer 1, Week 2: WB 20.4.2020

Make a group of every day items from around your house that are wood. (eg. wooden spoon, floor, stool, toy, shelf, picture frame)

What is the same about these items? What is different?


Do the same thing with items from around the house that are made of glass (get a grown up to help you) (eg drinking glass, vase, window, phone screen, jar, bottle, lightbulb).

Make a group of every day items from around your house that are plastic. What is the same about these items? What is different? (eg. toy, cup, plastic bag, hoover, food packaging, lego, bin)


Do the same thing with items from around the house that are made of metal (pan, bin, cutlery, appliances, taps).

Get a cup of water. When we draw water, a lot of us draw it as blue. Is the water actually blue? What colour is it? Put your water in the freezer to see what happens. If you can, freeze some boiled water and some normal tap water. What is the difference? put your frozen water in different places and see which melts quicker (sun/no sun)

If you can go for a walk, see how many different types of rocks you can find. Choose your favourite to keep as a pet rock.


If you can not go for a walk or go into a garden, watch the clip below. Which rock was your favourite and why? What do you think it feels like?

Can you make Sydney the spider out of things around your house? See below for a great example of a hedgehog who did this and inspired this rainbow task 😊

Summer 1, Week 1: WB 14.4.2020

Resources are under the rainbow.

Watch the youtube video link below, to learn about the 5 different senses. Draw a person's body, identifying where each sense can be located. (eg. ears for hearing, tongue for tasting.)

Use your 5 senses to experience different things in your home. Draw a picture of something you can smell, taste, touch, hear, and see.


Eloise's pea shoot is much taller than Miss Kemish's. Why do you think this is? Draw a picture of both, comparing them.Write some advice for Miss Kemish, explaining what she can do to help hers grow as tall.


Go through the new story about Smartie the penguin, linked below. What kind of information is ‘personal information’?


Draw a poster to help your friends know to keep this information private.

Play on the bee bot emulator, to create a simple algorithm. Where will your bee bot get to today?

Pea shoot challenge: Eloise vs. Miss Kemish

Smartie has come across some new problems on the internet. Can you help him?

Spring 2, Week 5 WB 30.3.2020

Wednesday link:


Friday link:

Can you make a rainbow to stick in your window?




Draw a picture of your evil pea. If you don’t have yours at home, draw the one Miss Kemish has posted a photo of. Label the different parts you can see.

Can you complete the pepper and soap science experiment?


Can you make an Easter hat using recycling/crafts at home?

Choose a significant person from history from the link above. What did you learn about them? Why were they important?