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Hi Hedgehogs, this is the final booklet we will be working through in Year 1. If you still have some projects to complete about Brian the Bear, feel free to do so. In school, we will be meeting Bob the Bubble, choosing different activities to do each day. Feel free to join in for as little or as much as you are comfortable with.


I've had some fantastic learning coming through about our friend Sayeeda the Pirate Princess! Thank you for all of your hard work, Hedgehogs. We've got our penultimate story for Year 1 attached below - this one is about some very generous bears. Feel free to follow the schedule below if it works for you!

19.6.2020: Story of ‘Picnic Time!’, Talk activity about the story

20.6.2020: Reading response activities

22.6.2020: Who said what?

23.6.2020: Quiz Time

24.6.2020: Exploring words together

25.6.2020: Retelling the story

26.6.2020: Enjoying a song together: ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’

29.6.2020: We’re going on a picnic. What will you take?

30.6.2020: Drawing time! Designing a picnic rug for Brian

1.7.2020: Thank you letters

2.7.2020: A postcard to Brian

3.7.2020: Making teddy bear toasts

6.7.2020: Special things from my walk

7.7.2020: The history of bears

8.7.2020: A new adventure & review of learning

Summer 2, Week 1


As we leave Pippety Skycap behind, we say hello to Sayeeda the pirate! Check out Class Dojo on June 1st for a clip of Miss Kemish reading this story.

2nd June: Story of Sayeeda the pirate princess - Talk activity about the story


3rd June: Reading response activities - Who said what?


4th June: Quiz Time


5th June: Exploring words together


8th: Enjoying a song together: ‘When I was one.’

song found here:


9th June: Fill your treasure chest


10th June: Sayeeda’s diary entry: helping her to use full stops and capital letters


11th June: Helping Sayeeda to improve her handwriting


12th June: How to make a pirate hat


15th June: Story time!


16th June: What’s in Fergus’ treasure box?


17th June: Riddles


18th June: Treasure maps

link to help:


19th June: Review of learning

Well done for completing the learning about our friend Sidney! I've attached a similar work book to make our way through slowly. This one introduces us to Pippety Skycap. Below the link, I've added a suggested time line to complete this learning, whether this be at home or if we are back in school. One small activity a day will mean we complete this over the next three weeks. I can't wait to see all of your new learning Hedgehogs!

4th May 2020: Story of Pippety Skycap, a mischievous pixie. Talk activity about the story: post it notes. Links to the other books mentioned can be found on 8th May 2020.


5th May 2020:  Who said what?


6th May 2020: Quiz Time


7th May 2020: Exploring words together


8th May 2020: PUBLIC HOLIDAY. If you would like. you could share some of the stories of other mischievous characters. Two of these can be found on the open library website. It's free to register and I've attached the links below:


11th May 2020: Design a warning poster


12th May 2020: Pixie Fact-files. Fill a box, make your own fact file.


13th May 2020: Poem – In the pixie’s pocket. Read together, solve the riddles.


14th May 2020: Draw what you would find in a giants pocket, write about it.


15th May 2020: Pippety’s Treasure Hunt; write what you found!


18th May 2020: Using recipe instructions to make Pippety’s playdough (Miss Kemish has a much simpler recipe that she'll share in case this is too complicated!)

Exploring words to describe the playdough

19th May 2020: Measuring activity using pixie templates. If you do not have a printer, feel free to use any other household items to measure. pencils, forks, lego, your own drawings)

Complete a table to show measurements


20th May 2020: Writing sentences about the results


21st May 2020: Poem – If I Had Wings by Pie Corbett

Read, discuss and perform


22nd May 2020: Writing our own poem, Make a pixie paper plane

Hi Hedgehogs, at St. James we take inspiration from Pi Corbet's Talk for Writing scheme for our writing lessons. It is this that inspires Miss Kemish's English planning, and her creation of the story maps we use altogether. Below is a document that introduces a new character that we will be focusing on for the next 2 weeks. There are 14 different activities to work our way through, so this should take us about 3 weeks. I've put dates next to the activities below, to give you a guideline of when you could complete them. Like with our maths learning, It does not matter if you cannot print this out as a worksheet. You can complete your learning in any way you find enjoyable.  For instance, the first day of learning requires you to read the story (first get an adult to read it,then see how much you can read). It then has some 'sticky notes' to complete, to get you to think about the story. However, the questions on the sticky notes could be done by you telling your grown up with your words, or writing it in chalk in the garden. You could draw or paint your answers, or act them out with toys. Just make sure your learning is fun for you!


Already complete: 

14.4.2020: Story of Sidney Spider


15.4.2020: Talk activity about the story


16.4.2020: Reading response activities


17.4.2020: Who said what?


20.4.2020: Quiz Time


21.4.2020: Exploring words together


22.4.2020: Enjoying a rhyme together: Incy Wincy Spider


23.4.2020: Helping Sidney to improve his punctuation


25.4.2020: Helping Sidney to improve his handwriting



27.4.2020: Suggesting hiding places for Sidney: developing confidence with prepositions


28.4.2020: A spider fact file


29.4.2020: Becoming a mini-beast hunter Writing a fact file for a new creature


30.4.2020: Party time! Writing an invitation to Sidney’s party Baking for the party


1.5.2020 Review of learning




Monday 23.3.2020

Tuesday 24.3.2020

Wednesday 25.3.2020

Thursday 26.3.2020

Friday 27.3.2020


Write a diary entry about your favourite thing about your mum. Wish her a happy mothers day!

Write a description of what your evil pea looks like today. Has it grown? Can you describe it?

Write a letter to St Anne’s residential home. They would really appreciate your letters. If you can post this, the address is St Anne’s Residential Home


EX22 6UA. If you cannot post it, send Miss Kemish a photo and I’ll print it and post it.

What are you enjoying about learning with a grown up at home? Why? Write about this.

Chose a tricky word from the tricky word wall to write at least one sentence.


It has been one week since we planted our evil peas and they have started to grow! Miss Kemish will continue to water them when needed and take care of them so you can start a weekly bean diary. Write a short description of what the bean looks like this week. Can you draw a picture of it and label the different parts you can see?



Evil pea has rubbed out parts of our story map! Tell the story to find out which parts he has rubbed out. Can you innovate your story map? Instead of evil pea, who else could be causing terrible crimes? Could it be an Evil Dinosaur? An Evil Carrot? An Evil Bunny? Choose three words to describe your new evil character. 


Can you write a sentence every day using a different tricky word?