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Monday 23.3.2020

Tuesday 24.3.2020

Wednesday 25.3.2020

Thursday 26.3.2020

Friday 27.3.2020


Write a diary entry about your favourite thing about your mum. Wish her a happy mothers day!

Write a description of what your evil pea looks like today. Has it grown? Can you describe it?

Write a letter to St Anne’s residential home. They would really appreciate your letters. If you can post this, the address is St Anne’s Residential Home


EX22 6UA. If you cannot post it, send Miss Kemish a photo and I’ll print it and post it.

What are you enjoying about learning with a grown up at home? Why? Write about this.

Chose a tricky word from the tricky word wall to write at least one sentence.


It has been one week since we planted our evil peas and they have started to grow! Miss Kemish will continue to water them when needed and take care of them so you can start a weekly bean diary. Write a short description of what the bean looks like this week. Can you draw a picture of it and label the different parts you can see?



Evil pea has rubbed out parts of our story map! Tell the story to find out which parts he has rubbed out. Can you innovate your story map? Instead of evil pea, who else could be causing terrible crimes? Could it be an Evil Dinosaur? An Evil Carrot? An Evil Bunny? Choose three words to describe your new evil character. 


Can you write a sentence every day using a different tricky word?