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Week 1 writing activities based on the book The Dragon Machine 


Friday 8th January - dragon writing 


Week 2 writing activities based on the book The Dragon Machine 


Monday 11th Jan - using the a-e words learnt in phonics write these in a sentence - 3 or more sentences would be good!


Tuesday 12th Jan - Dragon Machine

Design a machine for the monster. Write sentences to say what the machine can do. Where will your monster machine go?

Monster machine

Thursday 14th Jan - The Way Back Home Oliver Jeffers


Read Way back home

Create a story map together to retell the story. We do this often so the children are familiar with story maps.


Friday 15th Jan - The Way Back Home Oliver Jeffers


Read Way back home again

Create a diary entry for what has happened on day one of the adventure up to where he meets the alien on the moon.


Monday 18th Jan

Reread The Way Back Home
Write a diary entry from where they left off on Friday to the end.


Tuesday 19th Jan

The Way Back Home

Talk about when the boy meets the alien on the moon. Role play conversations that may have happened. One of you be the alien and one the boy. Write in the speech bubble something that might be said.

Thurs 21st Jan

Look at way back home for final time.

Pause at the bit where the boy gets stuck on the moon. Discuss how the boy would be feeling.

Write down sentences to describe how the boy is feeling. To up level your sentence you could try adding the word because into it!

Fri 22nd Jan - Poetry competition

We are going to enter a poetry competition as part of the trust. The theme is 'Hope'. In school I was going to talk about what hope is and what we hope for (apt for the current climate!) I was then going to get them to write about 4 lines starting each line with I hope ... They could then do a picture at the top.

You may have something much more creative. I will print them off and send them next week. Feel free to do one as a parent too if you want to enter?!


Mon 25th Jan

Introduce Supertato
Listen to the story up to 2:00

See attached for instructions

Tues 26th Jan - Supertato


Re-read 'Supertato' focusing on the main character 'Supertato' this time.

How could we describe Supertato - what does he look like? What is his personality like - how do we know from the book e.g. he is brave because he nearly got mashed, he is smart and clever because he tricked the Evil Pea.

Recap what the chn did with the Evil Pea wanted posters and explain this time they are going to do a character profile where they are describing the character.

Thurs 28th Jan

Make a supertato of your own.

Write some sentences to let me know what mission in your house or garden supertato does to save the day.


Fri 29th Jan

Plan own Supertato type story using story map attached to help thought processes. I would like them to use the character Supertato but they can change the things he rescues and where he rescues them from. They just draw pictures in the boxes ready to help plan their writing tomorrow.

Hope this makes sense!

Mon 1st Feb

Using the story map created on Friday. We are now going to turn it into a story. We think about how the story might start e.g. One day, In a bedroom far away etc. We then write sentences to go with each picture on story map. I encourage words like then/next/suddenly etc to make the sentences more interesting. Also we wouldn't write the whole story all at once. We may do 2 or 3 pictures have a break then complete.


Tues 2nd Feb


Look at the picture of the red box. Discuss What you think it may be used for - be a creative and wacky as you like! Write a few of your ideas into a sentence e.g. I think it may be ...

Tomorrow we will find out what it really is used for!

Thurs 4th Feb

Listen to the story of Nobot to find out what the red box really was for!

Then pretend you are Nobots friend and explain to his mum what happened in case she is cross with him. Write some sentences about what you might say.

Mon 8th Feb

Have the story again to remind us of what happens

How does Bernard feel when he has no bottom? Discuss and then complete the thought bubble.

Tues 9th Feb

Make 2 new page for the story in which Bernard’s bottom is used by other animals.

Draw a new animal and write a sentence to say what the animal uses Nobot's bottom for. Repeat for another animal.


Thurs 11th Feb

In the book, No-Bot leaves his arm on the swing. Show children a tube that looks like No-Bot’s arm (or just look at the last page in the story).

Ask them who might use this and what for. Generate lots of ideas and then draw one of them and write a sentence to go with it. E.g. The pirate used No bots arm as a telescope but it was too short.


Fri 12th Feb

Write a poem about Happiness.

Start each line with Happiness is …



Mon 22nd Feb

Discuss with children what pet they would most like and why.

List the qualities of the pet and make a poster about the type of pet you want.

Tues 23rd Feb

Listen to the story - Wanted The Perfect Pet

Discuss the story and complete the book review.

Thurs 24th Feb

Read story

Draw and label their own perfect pet like the dog in the story.

Fri 26th Feb


Use the first sentence in the book that shows how much he wants a dog.

Discuss with children things that they really want and then say ‘more than...’. Model how to write this sentence with commas. Pupils create their own sentences around things they would like.

Tues 2nd March


Story map own story based on Wanted the Perfect Pet. Draw pictures in each box to represent different stages on your own story.