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Y2 - Foxes 2021-22

In 2021-2022, our Y2 class is led by Mrs Goodwin and Mrs MacDonald and they are supported by Ms Devine.  Please see a range of learning adventures below that the children in Y2 have experienced this year.

Curriculum Overviews

Here are our Curriculum Overviews. These explain what we will be covering throughout each term in Foxes Class!

Spring Term

World Book Day - We immersed ourselves in stories and poetry.

As part of our work with the Devon Wildlife Trust, we went on a scavenger hunt.

We enjoy competing in our weekly TT Rock Stars challenge. This is a great way to practise our times tables.

RE - We retold the story of The Hungry Man by creating freeze frames.

PE - Dance - We explored space and travel as if we were at the circus. We were learning to repeat, link and choose actions.

RE - We learnt the story of Qaswa the camel and how he chose the site of the first mosque.

PE - Dance. We worked on moving and balancing to create a sequence to perform to the class.

In English we have been learning about what makes a good set of instructions. We followed a set of instructions to find out.

In Foxes Class we love to read! We enjoy our weekly visits to the library.

As part of the Outdoor Wonderland text, the children wrote their own set of instructions based on a rain catcher activity they completed.

In English we have been exploring the book Outdoor Wonderland by Josie Jeffery and Alice Lickens. We were exploring the impact that the layout of the text has for the reader.

We have been working with the Devon Wildlife Trust. We made art using natural objects and clay.

In computing we were learning to design an algorithm.

Autumn Term

Our Nativity

In Foxes Class we learnt all about the nativity through an interactive workshop.

Science - Exploring light when blocked by an opaque object.

Maths - Comparing numbers using symbols to represent greater than and less than.

Maths - We have been partitioning numbers using a part-part-whole model.

Art - we have been exploring the work of Esther Mahlangu and recreating patterns and prints of our own that are inspired by the artist’s work.