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St James CofE Primary and Nursery School

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St James CofE Primary and Nursery School


St James Church of England Primary and Nursery School opened in September 2018. 


Thinking of joining us?


We welcome all enquiries from prospective parents, carers and children. Please contact our main school office on 01837 52341 for more information or to book a tour of our school.

Currently our Reception class (Butterflies) is full.  We do, however, have spaces for 3-4 year olds in our Nursery, a few spaces left in our Y1 class (Hedgehogs) and a few spaces left in our Y2 class (Foxes).


Join our September 2021 Reception Class


Primary School Admissions open on 15th November 2020 and close on 15th January 2021.  If you wish to apply for a reception place at St James for September 2021, please see below for information on how to apply.


You can view our school prospectus under the Parents section of this website.


Admissions to primary school are commonly referred to as:


  • Normal round admissions – when children start at a school at the earliest possible time for that school or (for schools which provide education all-through from reception to year 11) who transfer at the start of year 7.
  • In-year admissions – when children start at a school at any time other than the normal round. An example would be if you are moving house and would like your child to change schools.


We hold open days and offer guided tours of our school for parents, carers and children who are considering applying for a place here. These give you the opportunity to meet the staff, see the facilities and generally get a feel for what we have to offer. Please note that these visits are not a compulsory part of the admissions process and will not affect decisions on whether a place can be offered at our school.


For nursery admissions, please see our Nursery pages.


How to apply


Admissions to St James are coordinated by Devon County Council. For more information and advice, please visit the Devon County Council School Admissions web pages. Applications for a place at the school must be made via Devon County Council (and not via the school although you are very welcome to talk to us first!). 

Consultation on our Admission Policy for 2022-23


Below you will see a link to our proposed admissions policy for 2022-23.  We are consulting on this between 1 November and 8 January and invite any parent or other person with an interest in our admission arrangements to read the policy and make any comments you wish.  You will see where there are changes, the text is in red - either something that we propose to add or, if it has a fine line through it, something that we propose to remove.


One of the proposals is to add children who have been adopted from state care outside of England to our oversubscription criterion 1.  This is in anticipation that the Department for Education will require this change to all schools as it has consulted on changes to the School Admissions Code.  It is possible that the Code is not amended before the end of February when we formally have to set our policy.  If that is the case, we may have to determine our policy without that change and then alter it later in spring or summer.  We are bringing it to your attention though as a change in policy that we expect to have to introduce.


Other than changes in red and dates moving forward a year, the way our policy will work is the same as in the previous year, 2021-22, which you can also see below.


If you have any comments, you can make them to Devon County Council which is co-ordinating the consultation.  Further information is available at You will be able to view the proposed state policies for all state-funded schools in Devon and the Local Authorities policies there too.


The consultation ends on 8 January and all policies must be determined by 28 February and published in the same places by 15 March.

2022-23 Admission Arrangements