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Our Intent for Science at St James

Further information on our Science timetable can be seen below:


 Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
Year 1MaterialsBuilding thingsSeasons and weatherSoundPlantsAnimal kingdom
Year 2LightSpaceHabitatsHuman lifestyleChanging materialsMixing and making
Year 3Practical skillsRaw and synthetic materialsSoundForcesPlants (found across Europe)Eco-systems
Year 4Phases of matterRock cycleLightSpaceAdaptationsAnatomy
Year 5Separating mixturesPhysical and chemical changesMagnetismElectrical circuitsHumans over timeReproductive cycles
Year 6Particles and chemical reactionsSustainabilityHeatEnergyCellsDiet and lifestyle



St James C of E Primary and Nursery School works as part of the local Ogden Trust project and benefits from regular meetings to explore how Science can be best taught within our school.

For more information on how Science is taught across St James C of E Primary and Nursery School, please see "Our Learning Adventure" overviews and Class Pages which will provide further details of how this National Curriculum subject is brought to life.

Science Week at St James C of E Primary and Nursery School


At St James we participated in a whole school science experiment. We were very excited to be building and launching our rocket cars. Our aim was to learn about forces, pressure, acceleration, and deceleration through a very exciting and practical experiment. Within our Year 2 class, the children took their rocket car packs home and designed and constructed these with their parents/carers. Year 2 enjoyed watching a live video link from Wonderstruck Science. They learnt all about the science behind the experiment and had the opportunity to ask questions during their interactive lesson. The children went to a lot of effort making their cars and they were very proud to show them. The weather was wet and windy but the launch went ahead and the children were excited to measure the distance that their cars travelled. 

The Year 1 class built their rockets in teams and focused on co-operation and sharing their ideas within a group. The Nursery and Reception classes had a competition with their class rocket cars and used chalks to measure the distance the cars travelled.

As well as our rocket car experiment, the Reception class tuned in to an online interactive lesson from the National Farmers Union. We were exploring the question 'Which came first, the chicken or the egg?' In this live lesson, we joined Deb to find out where eggs come from, how they develop into chickens and how new-born chicks are cared for. We learnt how an incubator works and compared it with a hen. We were lucky to be able to watch some chicks hatching live! Using their learning, the children were then asked to rearrange their life cycle cards to show how life cycles are a continuous process with no start and end point.