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RE and Collective Worship

Religious Education


We follow the Devon and Torbay agreed syllabus 2019-2024 which includes learning about all the major world faiths and religions. There is time and space in the curriculum for children to explore all the major faiths and beliefs and our teaching emphasises respect, open mindedness, tolerance and understanding. 

At St James C of E Primary and Nursery School, RE is taught as an engaging, inclusive and enquiry-led subject, open to all and at the centre of the curriculum and we would hope that all parents would understand the value of this for their children.  However, parents do have the right by law to withdraw their children from Religious Education lessons.  In this event, we will undertake responsibility for their supervision with regard to health and safety.  The school follows the guidance offered by the Diocese of Exeter and we always encourage parents to discuss any concerns they may have about the RE Curriculum with the Principal before making a final decision.  Requests for a full or partial withdrawal need to be made to the Principal in writing.


Collective Worship and the Law


As a Church of England school we consider it important that all pupils have a sound understanding of the Christian faith and belief, and pupils take part in a daily act of collective Christian Worship. 

In accordance with legal requirements (Schools Standards and Framework Act 1998), an act of collective worship, taking into account of the age, aptitude and background of the pupils is provided daily for all pupils, except those who are withdrawn by parents.  The school expects that withdrawal will only be made following discussions with the Principal, followed by written confirmation of withdrawal.  Special arrangements will be made to supervise children withdrawn from acts of worship.  In addition, staff have the right to withdraw from the act of collective worship.


"The arrangements for the required collective worship may, in respect of each school day, provide a single act of worship for all pupils or for separate acts of worship for pupils in different age groups or in different school groups."

The School Standards and Framework Act 1998


Our School Prayer


"This is our school,

Let peace live here.

Let the rooms be full of happiness.

Let love be all around.

Bless St James School.



Examples of Grace before lunch


"We thank you Lord for giving,

This food we are receiving.

For fun, for friends, for family,

We thank you Lord, Amen."

(sung to the tune of The Addams Family)


"Thank you Lord for giving us food,

Thank you Lord for giving us food.

We are grateful, for our plateful.

Thank you Lord for giving us food."

(sung to the tune of Star Wars)