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Friday 15th January

 Times Table Friday!

Watch some of the times-tables songs for your children to practise.


Making a times table board game:


You will need:
- lots of paper
- coloured pens


(If you don’t want to make one, you can print of the template board)


Draw a grid on a piece of paper. Write ‘Miss a Turn’ / ‘Roll again’, ‘Move forward 2 spaces’, ‘Do a forfeit’ on some of the squares. Remember ‘Start’ and ‘Finished’ on the first and last squares.


Colour the other squares different colours for each times tables that your child is practising (i.e. pink = 2’s, green = 5’s, yellow = 10’s, blue = 4’s, orange = 8’s). Write the number sentences on pieces of paper in each colour (from 1x__ = to 10x__ =)  – these will be your question cards when you land on a colour. Remember not to write the answers.


Choose an object to be your counter and get a dice (if you do not have a dice, you can place numbers 1 – 6 on pieces of paper, fold them in half, and choose one each turn)


Enjoy playing a new, family game! 😊