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Owls - Y4 2022-23

In 2022 - 23, our Y4 class, Owls is led by Mrs Jennifer Williams and is supported by Mr Daniel.


Please see below for a range of learning adventures for Y4 in 2022-23.

Autumn 1

Autumn 1 Timetable

Autumn 1 Curriculum Overview

This term, in Art, Owls Class have been working hard on their artwork, taking inspiration from their English text about the Amazon Rainforest and looking at the work of Valériane Leblond. This French and Quebecker artist uses layers of paper (collage) to tell the story of a landscape. 


Owls Class learnt to mix primary colours to make a broad palette from which to paint their own textured papers for their collage work. They looked at images of the rainforest landscape and chose different colours for the background, middle ground and foreground of their collages. They also chose details to add at the end, from toucans to canoes!

Autumn 2

Autumn 2 Timetable

Autumn 2 Curriculum Overview

This Term in Science, Owls have been learning all about igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, all part of the Rock Cycle! By looking at examples of rocks and creating identification keys, Owls have learnt to describe, classify and identify different rock types.


We have also conducted experiments, using our prediction and observation skills, to see how the processes of weathering and sedimentation work. This helped us to better understand how the geological landscape around us has been formed over millions of years!


Spring 1

Spring 1 Timetable

Spring 1 Curriculum Overview