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Friday 26th February



Read through the story so far & watch the video input.


Ask the children to close their eyes and listen to the hurricane soundscape:

  • Listen closely, what can you hear?
  • How does it make your feel?


Ask the children these questions as they listen to the soundscape. Once they’ve answered them, min-map their answers; feelings in one colour, what they can hear in another.


You might want to build a den / fort in your room to shield away from the hurricane that you’re listening. Make sure you have a torch and some water like Bertha’s family,


  • How do you feel now?
    Is reading a story a good thing to when you’re feeling scared?
  • Which story would you choose?


Whilst in your fort / still listening to the soundscape, the children can complete their Big Write. It can be a diary entry for how they feel being in the midst of a hurricane or they could write it from Bertha / Billy’s point of view.

- what is it like outside? What can you hear / see?
- what is it like inside? What about it makes you feel safer? What do you have with you? Why?

- which story did you choose? Why?


What else could you do to help you / Bertha feel better?