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Friday 5th March



Look back at the timeline we made of banana production; what were the steps?? Make an active flow chart of this process (create an action for each part of the flow chart to act out)


Look at the pictures that tell you more about why Fairtrade is important. Say what you think they’re showing first and talk about what you can see in the picture before revealing what it means.


Lots of people have heard of Fairtrade but know what it means.

We’re going to write a letter to Mrs. Stevens, persuading her to buy Fairtrade fruit / bananas for our snacks at school!


Remember letters all start with:

Dear Mrs Stevens,


I am writing to persuade you to….

There are lots of reasons why I think this would be a good idea.

The first is…………

The second is……….

The third is…….


Did you know that……


I hope you consider my letter because…….


All of these photos come from the book 'Juliana's Banana's' by Ruth Walton.