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Wednesday 6th January

Warm up:
(Choose between:) 
- counting in 2’s / 5’s /10’s /4’s / 8’s 
- counting backwards from a chosen number between 0 and 100


Recap what we did yesterday;
What is 67 made up of?
How many tens?
How many ones?


Let’s see if we can use this to add and take away a different way.


Grownups might want to watch the lesson 3 video to give you a clearer understanding. I wouldn’t recommend showing the video to your children because it’s a bit dull! Start it from 5:05 to look at this way of working out addition and subtraction.


Pause the video and have a go at completing some number sentences using the technique of partitioning the 2 digit number and then circling the ones to them together or take them away.

Write down a number sentence:
13 + 6 =
24 + 3 =
44 + 5 =


(Remember that subtraction is not commutative. We have to always start with the bigger number)

19 – 7 =
28 – 4 =
37 – 6 =



Please note: Your child may find this easy & may want to complete these calculations in their heads. Please encourage them to use the system in place to work them out. This helps to consolidate their understanding and form foundations for when 2 and 3 digit numbers get used later on in year 2 and older years. It may be that can use their heads to check their answers.