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Wednesday 3rd March

Today we are carrying on with working out the difference between different prices. This will be a practical maths lesson. Please take photos and send them in.


Create some labels and attach them to or put the next to some of your household objects. Print off / make / use real money to help.

(REMEMBER IF YOU’RE USING POUNDS, WRITE IT AS £1 and 50p rather than £1.50)


First of all, ask your child to match the price of the item with their coins. Can they identify the right coins? Can they thing of 2 ways to make the same amount?


Then, ask the children to choose 2 items. Can they work out the difference the prices? How about if they pick something to buy and you pick something to buy?


Look at how much money you have compared to how much money your grown up / sibling has – what’s the difference between those amounts?


Leave children to have a play in their house shops


This time and free-play  enables children to think about, consolidate and apply their learning from yesterday and last week.