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Home learning ideas

Letter hunt – for all different abilities. From finding letters from their name to building words using newspapers, wrappers and magazines.


Making a scrap book
It can be a variety of things, one page could be how many numbers you can find in an old paper, magazine or food wrappers and boxes.
Next it could be some different leaves you find in the garden, google the types of trees and add some labels on there.


Drawing pictures of family and friends, explore differences and talk about height, hair, features.


Collage of different materials around the house, you can use anything. Lots of different wrappers are a variety of materials. Old clothes could be cut and used.
Your favourite story character.
Your favourite dinner.
Your favourite TV program.
You can draw, wrote and learn together.
Anything you do can be a learning if you add a little extra fun!


Outdoor scavenger hunt (in your garden if you have one).  Attach double sided tape to a strip of card. Collect things outdoors and stick them on to the tape. These can be random or around a theme like perhaps signs of spring, all about green, I can find a rainbow etc. If they are not too bumpy the finished strip can be laminated.


Use recycled plastic containers such as yoghurt pots, varying sizes of milk bottles, etc with a pan for an exploration of capacity at the kitchen sink. Add food colouring if you have any. Ask your child, how many pots it takes to fill the pan? talk about full, half full, empty. If you have plastic tea set, use this to find out how many cups you can fill with the teapot.


Hidden sounds
Find pairs of household objects that make a noise-eg pans and wooden spoons, shake a bunch of keys, scrunch a crisp packet, shake rice in a jar etc
Hide one set of objects behind the sofa and put the other in front of you.
Ask your child to sit with the hidden objects
You make a sound, can your child make the same sound. If you play an rhythm can they copy it?
Have fun together and make a band!